Bentley Continental GT

The Bentley Continental GT is two plus two coupe touring, published in 2003, replacing the old Rolls-Royce-based Continental R and T. It is equipped with a 5,998 cc (366.0 cubic inches) (6.0 liters) twin-turbo W12 engine that produces an output DIN rated at 560 metric horsepower (412 kW, 552 hp) 6100 rpm and torque of 650 Newton-meters ( 479 ft • lbf) at 1.600 to 6.100 rpm. transmission Torsen-based permanent four-wheel is standard. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h (0 to 62.1 km / h) in 4.8 seconds, and go to a top speed of 318 km / h (197.6 mph).

The four-door Continental Flying Spur sedan was first introduced at the Geneva Motor Show 2005. The Flying Spur uses most of the technical underpinnings of the Bentley Continental GT, and was introduced to European markets and North America in the summer of 2005. In general, the Bentley Continental GT and Flying Spur have driven Bentley annual production of about 1,000 units in 2003 to 9,200 units in 2006.

The Flying Spur is the 12-cylinder engine 6 liter that could accelarate from 0-60mph in 4.9 seconds. Unlike a conventional 12-cylinder with two rows of six, 6-liter engine of the Continental is set in four banks of three cylinders in W formation. Therefore, despite its small size, this engine can produce 552bhp (412kW). The Flying Spur Speed is 194 mph (312 kmh).

A notable aspect of the Continental Flying Spur is its grille. Designed to resemble traditional chromed brass mesh is a metal base coated with plastic. This was mounted as a safety device is designed to disintegrate in a collision with a pedestrian.

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