Autobianchi A112 Abarth

Autobianchi A112 is a small car produced by Italian automaker Autobianchi. It was developed using the mechanics behind the Fiat 127 And then was introduced in 1969 to replace the White and Primrose, and was built until 1986, when it made way for modern brand products Autobianchi Y10 (as most export markets such as the Lancia Y10. A112s over 1.2 million units produced in the Autobianchi Milan.

The A112 is only available with a 3-door body. It was offered with an overhead valve engine of 903 cc Fiat 850 is capable of achieving 42 PS (31 kW). The Auto Bianchi represented the first appearance of this engine in a front-engine, front wheel drive configuration, which later became known to a wider range of drivers in the top-selling Fiat 127 and its derivatives.

November 1977 (new A112) was introduced: Autobianchi even now, the use of expensive version was to make (Elegant A112) (or, in some export markets, A112 Elite), which included improved seats, a blend of senior and equipment, including a 5-speed gearbox, later in life. The most important thing elegant package including extended to 956 cc engine promising 48 hp (35 kW, 47 hp) and torque.

The most interesting part of the A112 Abarth, which was introduced in 1971. It was prepared by the Motor Sports division of Fiat Group and the first engine of 982 cc, which is obtained by adding a section related to a sports exhaust spirit of the carburetor, a camshaft different. In 1975, the shift was increased to 1049 cc, when the power is increased to 58 hp (43 kW, 57 hp) and 70 hp (51 kW, 69 hp) at 6600 rpm, and weighs only 700 kg (1543 lb ). 1975 was also the first A112 model with a 5-speed manual transmission. These changes began to be nervous A112 aircraft, much admired by fans of the benefits young people. The car had been taken in various rally events across Europe and even created one for the trophy.

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