Bertone Pandion

The Italian manufacturer Bertone concept car presented today at Pandion Geneva Motor Show. The concept celebrates the centenary of Alfa Romeo and its name comes from the animal world, as Pandion haliaetus is the scientific name of an osprey: a sea hawk, which nests and live in coastal areas. Pandion is powered by a 4.7-liter, 450 HP 8 cylinder engine Alfa Romeo. Pandion design is based on (Skin and Frame) design language, (skin) refers to the serpent in the logo of the Italian world-class expertise in the beautiful, seductive forms, and (Frame) refers to the cross in logo that represents the mechanical quality of high performance Italian racing cars.

before the concept is defined by a sloping hood Alfa carved typical quad headlights, a typical five horizontal radiator grille bars and doors that open by turning the back to a perfect finish to 90 degrees above the center of the rear wheel lifting the entire body side of the vehicle, the front bumper of the rear fender.

After two years of absence on the international scene, Bertone return to Geneva Motor Show, unveiling a concept car making its world premiere here: Pandion, an aggressive yet beautiful coupe designed as a tribute to Alfa Romeo one hundred anniversary. The Pandion: an extreme sports car and controversial typically Bertone. The size of the concept car (4,620 mm long, 1971 mm wide, 1230 mm wheelbase 2850 mm) provides a compact sports car exterior dimensions with a feeling of sports car and inside, all powered by a 4.7 liter, 450 hp 8 - cylinder Alfa Romeo engine.

Pandion is the first car produced by Mike Robinson in his new role as director of design and brand Bertone. Pure (dream car), Pandion takes its rightful place as a member of the historical family Bertone Alfa Romeo: cars have always been icons of style, covering the history of the car and the Italian design quality outstanding craftsmanship, proving to be the milestones in the world for automotive design.

The name comes from the animal world, as Pandion haliaetus is the scientific name of an osprey, a hawk nesting sea and live in coastal areas. The designers, led by Mike Robinson, the wings was inspired to invent the mechanisms predators spectacular opening the door, and hawks project facial markings Alfa family feeling tradition in the new age design. In nearly a century of tradition Bertone, is not the first time that the natural wonders that have inspired the name of concept cars. Just think of the Corvair Testudo (1963) and by no means a coincidence, the Alfa Romeo Babysitting (1964), carabids (1968) and Delfino (1983).

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