Citroen C-Crosser

The Citroën C-Crosser is a compact SUV, which is on sale in the summer of 2007, designed for the French manufacturer Citroën, and produced by Mitsubishi Motors at the base of the new Outlander. The equivalent version of the Peugeot badge engineering is the 4007. It was hoped that the car be called the C7, but it was announced that will now be called the C-Crosser. The C-Crosser concept took its name from the wheel drive car Citroën four first appears in the Frankfurt Motor Show 2001. In general, 4007 and C-Crosser is the first Japanese car produced is sold under a French brand. Since 2009 have come together to Europe, the plant was built in the 1960 to gather DAF, Mitsubishi now NedCar plant in Born, Netherlands.

Residents receive online easily reconfigured second and third places, which folds quickly and effortlessly to provide a flat floor and vast load space. The two rear seats can be completely hidden under the floor, while the second row seat slides to offer greater leg room or boot space, features a 60:40 split / time function that operates through electrical controls in the boot. This allows the car to be used both for sport and also for transporting groups of up to 7 people including the driver. This is similar to the arrangement of seats in the new Citroën C4 Picasso also offers the ability to seat 7 people.

C-Crosser is integrated transmission allows the driver to choose between three options, depending on road conditions and driving style: two-wheel drive, four wheel drive and a lock setting designed for low grip conditions. Ensuring an optimum blend of comfort, road holding and off-road capabilities. All these programs can be selected using the control behind the gear lever.

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