Aston Martin Vanquish

Aston Martin Vanquish is a coach, which was designed by Ian Callum and manufactured by Aston Martin. After the introduction to the collection since 2001, it was Aston Martin flagship vehicle. And bring to the recognition of the public were then invited to an official car and James Bond film Die Another Day-mail was closed in 2007. Aston Martin DBS V12 temporarily replace it atop Aston for replacement until 2010.

The Vanquish was developed in the wake of a GT concept car, the Concept Car Project Vantage, which began with a V-12 engine on the North American International Auto Show in January 1998. The production model was unveiled in 2000 and mass production began in 2001 (the car arrived in the United States as a 2002 model). The car was largely unchanged until 2005, when the Vanquish S model debuted at the at the 2004 Paris Show, with more power, revisions and new soft style wheels. It is also integrated with a bunch of 2004 option, the dynamic sports package, which is incorporated sport suspension, steering and braking. This model was sold in 2005 (with base Vanquish) and 2006 (as stand-alone) model years in the U.S. with minor modifications, it was not sold in the United States for 2007.

The end of the Vanquish production cycle was celebrated with the Vanquish S Ultimate Edition. Aston Martin has announced that the last 40 cars built would have exterior color of a new 'Ultimate Black' upgraded interior, and personalized plates threshold. More importantly, the Vanquish Ultimate Edition is the first to be offered with a manual transmission with manual transmission standard. The gearbox semi-automatic in the original Vanquish has been widely criticized by Jeremy Clarkson in BBC Top Gear), if this change was met with approval by the automotive press. Aston Martin has offered to modernize the new gearbox in any Vanquish, at a cost of £ 13,250.

Aston Martin has often said it is considered a roadster version of the Vanquish, particularly in response to the Ferrari 550 Barchetta Pininfarina, but no version of this type created. The Vanquish is the basis of two concept cars, both shown at the Geneva International Centre in 2004, the Zagato Roadster (convertible seat-2) and the Bertone Jet 2 (a door Shooting Brake-2). Vanquish production ending 19, 2007, coinciding with the closure of the Newport Pagnell factory after 49 years of operation. The last car was a Vanquish S Ultimate Edition in black. In April 2008, his appearance in the James Bond film Die Another Day 2002 (led by Bono who last played Pierce Brosnan) has obtained the Vanquish third in the list of cars to the best film ever behind the Minister of The Italian Job, and KITT Knight Rider.

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