Aixam Crossline

Explore the great outdoors!

Cross Line, a descendant of our time to give a clearance of contemporary aesthetics. Its rounded lines give a distinctive look scrambler. Cross Line shape the concept of the vehicle does not require a licensing model for its entire class. Its length is impressive and a generous interior makes it suitable for unlimited use, in particular, record the trunk capacity. Cross Line offers an elegant style with a touch of fantasy real. Its rich, sculptural forms are moving and the reliability of insurance and security.

Mirrors Rear view: An integral part of vehicle mirrors, rear view of the city are based on the standards of the automotive industry. The chromium (in the Premium models), rear view mirrors contribute to the originality of the City and elegant ..

The front grille endows the City with an energetic and imaginative style. On both sides of the front grille, scoops equipped with daytime LED running lights are attention getters and strike a luminous, imaginative keynote. Chromed beading (available in the Premium finishing) sets off the round lines of the cowling and adds yet another touch of elegance.

Injection-moulded front panel: the use of new materials has given rise to an injection-moulded front panel unrivalled in appearance. The grained leather look of the instrument panel and the soft feel of the door liners are worthy of the highest-class automobiles. This novel interior space is a crowning achievement in upscale auto finishing.

LED 3rd brake lamp : for ever greater safety, an LED 3rd stop lamp is located on the rear end.

Engine : always pursuing top performance, AIXAM makes access to the engine easy for maintenance. The housing on this larger and more powerful engine maximises noise reduction.

Door handles : with their natural-fit shape, the new door handles make getting in easy.

Seats : top-line seats that adjust front-to-back and tilt to provide driving comfort for all body sizes and upholstered in patent leather & fabric or velvet & fabric, depending on the model.

Ventilation and heating, high heating and ventilation system efficiency and provide the safety of the occupants of powerful defroster and comfort.

Center console + change holder*: equipped with storage spaces and insert multiple buttons, the center console is naturally placed within reach, improving their sense of being comfortable and in control. A new glove box design provides additional storage space.

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