Smart Fortwo

Smart Fortwo is rear-engined two-seater city car manufactured by Smart GmbH, which was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1998 as the Smart City Coupe, and currently the second generation.

Clever automated manual gearbox without a clutch pedal, a first-generation 6-speed, 5-speed second. Check-in floor shift or optional steering wheel paddles servo command was running an automatic clutch and gearbox. The vehicle can drive an automatic, even if the transition points are not as smooth as traditional automatic transmission. The paddle shift mode, use the items to transfer points, but you can not feather or adjust the speed of the switch. This ability, and slightly raise the accelerator, required to achieve a smooth transition. Since 2009, the second generation fortwo comes with the software has been improved automatic gear changes as well as faster and more flexible than previous models. ECU in the form of a free software update is also available in the 2008 second-generation cars, and a new battery in some cases.

Smart back-in parking is parallel parking, otherwise, its length is 250 cm (98.4 in) is the width of a car or a regular parking space, allowing two or three Smarts to park in a standard reserved for a car. However, parking is prohibited in Monaco of Bavaria, Germany, in particular places. The parallel parking is designated as illegal in most jurisdictions in the United States. The current model is 269 cm (106.1 cm).

Smart features interchangeable body panels of a car can be a different look. To take account of the score of a licensing agent for the color of a car, the fortwo is sometimes recorded as silver or black color based on the Tridion frame, which remains constant regardless of the body.

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