Rover 400 / 45

Rover 400 (later the Rover 45) is a series of tourism, truck, and (later) five-door models, produced by the British manufacturer Rover from 1990 to 2005. The car has been jointly developed in collaboration with Honda, Rover, the two generations of the car were calculated from the redesigned Honda chassis, the first Honda Concerto and later, the Honda Civic.

The original 400 series, released as a four-door sedan in early 1990, it was only a sedan version of the sedan in the second generation Rover 200 series, both share the code name during development of the R8. Like the 200, the model was designed in collaboration with Honda (who produced the corresponding model designed for the Concert of Europe) and the two models that share production lines at Rover plant at Longbridge. He used the same basic structure and mechanics as the Honda, but the new design of the rear caliper and body are unique to Rover. Architecture Interior trim and electrical systems were shared with all the 'R8' Rover 200.

A succession - or break - version was later developed by Rover Special Products. Badged as the Rover 400 Tourer, it remains in production since the second generation of 400 to 1998, because no station wagon version of the car were built later. R8 Rover 200 and 400 are the first applications of the family Rover K-series engines (listed in 1.4 L (1396 cc) twin cam 16-valve form). The 1.6 liter (1590 cc) version used, a Honda D16A8 D16A6 SOHC or DOHC power supply, while the 2.0 L M-Series 800-unit series soon followed (1991) in versions sports. engine models Rover drove the front wheels through jointly developed gearbox Peugeot / Rover R65 (1.4 liters) and an integrated license PG1s Honda designed at 1.6 and 2.0 liter versions.

Also available are two diesel engines of PSA, with the choice of aspirated 1.9-liter turbo or 1.8 XUD7T XUD9 engines. They settled in the place of Perkins Prima used in the Austin Maestro and Montego because the combustion engine with its heavy was too thick for new models. A facelift midlife (also applies to the Rover 200) saw the reintroduction of the Rover grille has also reappeared in the remodeling of the Rover R17 800. This change was accomplished without significant alteration of the remaining structure, but always a 'family' more distinctive Rover and establish some distance from the Honda Concerto.

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