MG XPower SV

MG XPower SV (Sport Veloce) is a sports car, which was produced by MG Rover. Produced in Modena, Italy and ending at Longbridge, United Kingdom, was based on the platform of anxiety Mangusta, formerly the De Tomaso Bigué.

After acquiring the anguish Automotive Srl of Italy, awarded MG Rover X80 project code and create a subsidiary, MG X80 Ltd. to produce a new model based on the Mangusta anxiety. One attraction is the potential sales in the U.S. since the Mangusta had already been approved for the U.S. market.

MG X80 was unveiled as a concept car in 2001. However, the style seen as static. When the production model, renamed the MG XPower SV, has finally launched the following year it was designer Peter Stevens has made the car a more aggressive style. Transformation of a clay model for a production car, including all applications, was completed in just 300 days of the Swedish company Caran. One objective was to obtain a list price of less than £ 100 000. original model of the car ended up costing 75,000 pounds ($ 150,000) with downgrade XPower SV-R model costs £ 82,000 ($ 164,000), despite the fact that several of the cars outside and interior parts were taken from the Fiat, past and present. The headlights, for example, the roof comes from a Punto Mk.2 and taillights borrowed from a Fiat Coupe.

The production process was complex, partly caused by the use of carbon fiber body panels. The basic body parts were made in the UK by SP Systems and then shipped to Belco Avia, near Turin for assembly into body panels. They then met in a full body and mounted on the frame of the picture frame and running gear and sent to the MG Rover factory in Longbridge to be cut and finished. According to MG XPower SV Club, about 82 cars were produced with the exception of four XP pre-production prototypes. This included a small number of pre-production car shown below were dismantled, before production was stopped due to lack of sales. Most were sold to private owners, with the finals being sold to customers in early 2008.

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