Holden Coupe 60

Holden Coupe 60 Concept is a sports coupe developed by Holden in Australia. Coupe 60 is a concept car that explores the limits pillars of Holden drive current architecture of the rear wheels Zeta combines V8 Supercar-inspired style with innovative technology to create a street sports car. Coupe 60 is based on a short wheelbase version of the Holden Commodore VE. The concept car was unveiled at the 2008 Melbourne International Motor Show, and the HSV W427. Coupe 60 celebrates the six decades since Holden built the 48-215 at its Fishermans Bend plant in Port Melbourne, Victoria, and outlines future directions Holden in the design, engineering and emerging engine technologies.

At that time, to get started, a lot of speculation that followed the Coupe 60 could point to another embodiment of the iconic Monaro. The designer said that car production is possible, including the B-pillar design.The theme of luxury sports coupe in the 60 is emphasized by features such as a configuration of racing chassis products, including rear diffuser, front splitter and spoiler in carbon fiber, and 21-inch alloy wheels center lock with unique design Kumho high performance semi-slick tires. Coupe 60 is powered by a 6.0-liter LS2 V8 with Active Fuel Management and ethanol (E85) capability. Coupled to the gearbox 6-speed manual as standard even Holden Commodore SS powertrain delivers up to 275 kilowatts (369 hp) at 5700 rpm and 540 Nm @ 4400 rpm.

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