Ferrari Enzo

The Ferrari Enzo is a 12-cylinder mid-engine Berlinetta named after its founder Enzo Ferrari. It was built in 2002 with Formula One technology, such as a carbon fiber body, F1 gearbox-style electro-hydraulic, and carbon fiber reinforced silicon carbide (C / SiC) ceramic brakes composite discs. It also uses technologies not allowed in F1 such as active aerodynamics and traction control. After a downforce of 775 kg (1709 pounds) was obtained at 355.6 kmh (221 mph) the rear wing is actuated by computer to maintain that downforce. Enzo V12 engine is the first of a new generation of Ferrari. It is based on the architecture of the V8 in the sister company Maserati Quattroporte, using the same basic architecture and 104 mm (4.1 in) bore spacing. This design will replace the former architectures seen in V12 and V8 engines used in most other contemporary Ferraris. 2005-F430 is the second Ferrari to get a version of the new engine.

Although officially known as the Ferrari Enzo or (F60), the car is sometimes colloquially called the (Enzo Ferrari) or simply (Enzo) words without marking or otherwise linked. Celebrating its first world championship of the new millennium, in Formula One, Ferrari built the Enzo to celebrate this achievement and the company named the car after its founder, Enzo Ferrari, who died in 1988.

The Enzo was initially announced at the Paris Motor Show 2002 with limited production of 349 and U.S. $ 659.330. The Company has sent invitations to existing customers, particularly those who had already bought F40 and F50. The 349 cars were sold in this way before production began. Later, after numerous requests, Ferrari decided to build 50 more Enzo, bringing the total to 399th before being unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, was Enzo (which was used in the show) controlled by Italy to California to be filmed in Charlie Angels: Full Throttle. He was executed on a beach by actress Demi Moore. After filming was completed, Enzo was transported to France for the Motor Show.Enzos whose construction in 2003. In 2003, Enzo Ferrari gave Houston, Texas, lawyer Dahr Jamail has been involved in an accident driving and was completely burned. Ferrari also the vehicle of Mr. Jamail who bear the same serial number, the car was destroyed. This was the amount of Enzo Ferrari is 400.

Enzo Ferrari built another - 400e the car - and that was auctioned by Sotheby's Maranello Auction on June 28, 2005, to survivors of the tsunami of 2004 to € 950,000 (U.S. $ 1,274,229), almost twice its list of prices. This sum was presented to Pope Benedict XVI, while former Formula One driver Michael Schumacher of Ferrari gave the pope a steering wheel to commemorate the donation. This wheel included a plaque that read:(The wheel of the Formula 1 world champion to His Holiness Benedict XVI, leader of Catholicism's driver.)
Enzo Ferrari typically trades over 1000000 dollars (€ 800,000) at auction. Three prototype 'mules' were built, M1, M2 and M3. Every body was 348 still seems mules were built in 2000. The third mule was offered for auction alongside the 400th Enzo in June 2005, when € 195,500 (U.S. $ 236.300).

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